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De Anda Law firm has been practicing Law for over 40 years, focusing on trial litigation involving commercial  disputes, civil rights and immigrant rights in defense of families in need, and legal consultation services for private and public clients. We are committed, lifelong fighters for underserved communities and immigrants, and have successfully represented asylum seekers as well as confronted racist militias operating in Texas in court. 

Our office is 100 feet from the US Mexico Border in Laredo Texas.

Lead counsel Ricardo De Anda was one of the first Latino graduates of Stanford Law School and is a longtime member of the board of the Texas ACLU. He grew up in Laredo TX where he currently lives and works.

Litigation of Note

Note: We are currently taking on ‘family separation’ cases pro-bono. Due to the volume of requests, if we are unable to accept your case we can refer you to other legal representatives.