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Star Telegram | They crossed the Texas-Mexico border. He's in Dallas with their baby – she's not.

Ricardo de Anda, an attorney in Laredo, said 26-year-old Jensey Rodriguez Rivera is one of 26 women and children from Central America he is representing in pleas for asylum. The women and children were among those caught in President Donald Trump's zero tolerance policy.

"She is one of many," de Anda told the Star-Telegram in a telephone interview. He said he is trying to reunite the mother with her husband and baby in Dallas. At the same time, he is trying to get the 6-year-old out of the shelter in Phoenix in a complicated process that involves "red tape."

"We are going to take immediate steps to have the child turned over to the father," he said.

The mother recently wrote a letter to her son in which she told him how much she loves him.

"You don't know how much I miss you," the mother wrote in Spanish. "You are my blessing. You know I love you."

De Anda said the Rodriguezes appear to embody, in one family, the opposing sides of an immigration debate that has gripped this nation — the process used by former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush to handle asylum cases in which asylum seekers were not separated from their families and the Trump zero tolerance policy in which adult asylum seekers are criminalized and their children are taken from them.

"We have never had asylum seekers treated this way," de Anda said.

Ricardo de Anda